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Elf Pets® Pup – Christmas Run App


Help Santa keep the North Pole magical by generating Christmas spirit with the Elf Pets® Saint Bernard App! This app includes 6 fun games that encourage you to be generous and lend a helping hand. Each time you play one of these games with your Saint Bernard, you’ll generate Christmas spirit to unlock 6 unique and exciting Spirit Run levels. As you play, earn Virtual Care Badges™ that show you’re doing your part to help Santa keep the North Pole magical!

The Elf Pets® Saint Bernard App’s VIRTUAL ACTS OF KINDNESS:

  • Feed and wash your virtual Elf Pets® Pup
  • Lend a helping hand in fun object matching games
  • Put your sorting skills to the test in challenging sorting games

Once you complete your kind deeds, unlock themed spirit runs, including: Training Run, Ice Run, Night Run, Blizzard Run, Mountain Run and Sky Run. Tap to jump over obstacles, collect special bonuses and gather all the Christmas spirit generated by acts of kindness!

CARE BADGES™—Earn badges for taking care of your virtual Elf Pets® Saint Bernard and completing virtual kind deeds, which will help your pup gather Christmas spirit for Santa! You can also claim Care Badges™ that represent moments you’ve experienced with your real-life Saint Bernard.

Care Badges
Earn Virtual Badges
Sorting Game