Elf Pets®: An Arctic Fox Tradition

Have you ever wondered how Santa makes it through the air undetected on Christmas Eve? Or how he’s able to visit millions of houses in one night? He is shielded by the mystical Northern Lights that appear every Christmas, thanks to a magical fox named Noorah and her arctic fox cubs. Find out how these enchanted creatures and hopeful children work together to create these astonishing lights and the snow that softens Santa’s landing on rooftops all over the world.

Elf Pets®: An Arctic Fox Tradition box set includes an illustrated storybook and a snuggly fox cub wearing a magical snow globe with glow-in-the-dark snow. Santa sends the fox cubs to encourage children to have hope. Once adopted, children shake their cub’s snow globe all season long to make sure Santa knows they believe in Christmas hope and magic! Learn about all of Santa’s furry pals on the Elf Pets® page, or read on to learn how to adopt your own Elf Pets® Arctic Fox.

How Do I Get an Arctic Fox?

Arctic Fox Special DVD

Bring home a DVD of this animated short to host a fun and feel-good holiday movie night in your home this Christmas season.

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Star Tracer Game

Connect the dots to reveal your favorite North Pole characters! When you complete each picture, step back to see it come to life.

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Register your family’s Elf Pets® Arctic Fox to receive a personalized adoption certificate and letter from Santa Claus.

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Saint Bernard DVD Special