10 Interesting Facts About Scout Elves

You can spot them from a mile away by their famous red-and-white suits. But do you know any interesting facts about Santa’s Scout Elves? Have you learned how fast they are or how far they can fly? Now, you can! Read on to learn all there is to know about your family’s favorite Christmas visitor—your Scout Elf!

Fact 1

What is the #1 elf name?

Over 13 million families have adopted a Scout Elf and given them a name. But, what is the most popular Scout Elf name of all time? Buddy!

Fact 2

How much mail do elves sort?

The elves who work in Santa’s Mail Room Grotto fly at record speeds in order to sort the 57 tons of mail that arrives daily.

Fact 3

How many languages do elves know?

Scout Elves are adopted by families all around the world who speak different languages. In fact, Santa’s elves know more than 6,000 languages.

Fact 4

How far do elves travel?

Scout Elves spend a lot of time flying every night, so they can report to Santa and return home. Fun fact: On average, Scout Elves travel 4,000 miles each night to reach their families.

Fact 5

How do elves train?

To prepare for Scout Elf Return Week, Scout Elves use an arctic wind simulator to test their flight skills. They train in winds over 100 mph.

Fact 6

How long can an elf sit still?

One of a Scout Elves most important duties is to scout by sitting still. To practice, they participate in a yearly contest to see, “Who can sit still the longest?” The longest record is 16 days without moving or blinking!

Fact 7

How fast are elves?

Scout Elves are the speediest elves at the North Pole. They can fly to the top of the tallest North Pole pine tree in only five seconds!

Fact 8

How good are elves at snowball fights?

North Pole snowball fights among the elves are serious competitions. When Santa judges them, he makes sure to duck because a Scout Elf can throw four snowballs a second!

Fact 9

How old are elves?

Scout Elves are as old as Christmas itself. No one knows for sure the exact age of a Scout Elf, but tales have said Scout Elves are over 1,000 years old.

Fact 10

How quickly do elves load the sleigh?

Loading Santa’s sleigh is no easy feat. The Scout Elves form an assembly line to fill the sleigh with presents, and they are so fast they can fill his entire sleigh in less than three hours.

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