30 Easy Elf on the Shelf Hiding Places

Tired of planning elaborate schemes? Running out of time to think through the coolest elf ideas? Not to worry! Scout Elves: It’s A-OK to get back to the basics—just find a new hiding spot in your home to land in each night. Your family will love racing to see who will be the first to eye you in a new location every morning. Browse below for tons of ideas for easy Elf on the Shelf hiding spots all around your house.







  1. In the pantry

    Kitchen spot 1

  2. In the cabinet

    Kitchen spot 2

  3. On the counter

    Kitchen spot 3

  4. In the utensil drawer

    Kitchen spot 4

  5. On the table

    Kitchen spot 5

  6. In the refrigerator

    Kitchen spot 6

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Living Room

  1. On the mantel

    Living room spot 1

  2. In the Christmas tree

    Living room spot 2

  3. On the presents

    Living room spot 3

  4. In the stocking

    Living room spot 4

  5. By the door

    Living room spot 5

  6. On the shelf

    Living room spot 6

  7. On the staircase

    Living room spot 7

  8. On the windowsill

    Living room spot 8

  9. On the television

    Living room spot 9

  10. In the banket

    Living room spot 10

  11. In the plant

    Living room spot 11

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  1. On the bed

    Bedroom 1

  2. On the shoe rack

    Bedroom 2

  3. On the nightstand

    Bedroom 3

  4. In the dresser drawer

    Bedroom 4

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  1. On top of the toilet

    Bathroom 1

  2. In the linen closet

    Bathroom 2

  3. On the counter

    Bathroom 3

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  1. In the laundry room

    Other 1

  2. In the wreath

    Other 2

  3. On the desk

    Other 3

  4. On the celiling fan

    Other 4

  5. On the bookshelf

    Other 5

  6. On the clock

    Other 6

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Tons of additional elf ideas are at your fingertips with the Scout Elf Ideas App.

Before you or your elf get to work recreating any of these inspirational photos, be sure to read these safety warnings. Santa wants to make sure everyone stays safe!