How Do I Register My Elf?

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Need help registering your Scout Elf or Elf Pet in Santa’s official Scout Elf Registry? Want to get an official adoption certificate and Santa Letter? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Registry: https://elfontheshelf.com/registration

    Main Registry Webpage

  2. Take a quiz: Answer two questions to be sure you have one of Santa’s official Scout Elves—it’s important that you have an “official” Elf on the Shelf Scout Elf to register your elf’s name in the North Pole.

    Scout Elf Registry Webpage

    • HINT #1: Santa’s official Scout Elves wear a solid red and white suit—no stripes!
    • HINT #2: Scout Elves always come in a box set with a book. Choose all the choices that apply!
  3. Fill in the blanks: Tell us your family name, your elf’s name and the adoption date (today’s date is fine, if you don’t know the official date you adopted your elf).
  4. Download and/or print: View your official North Pole documents: a personalized Adoption Certificate and a personalized Letter from Santa.
  5. Don’t forget to click the box to get North Pole News.

You can register other North Pole helpers, like Elf Pets, as well: https://elfontheshelf.com/registration.

Elf Pets Registry Webpage

If you are worried you don’t have an official Elf on the Shelf Scout Elf, please visit Santa’s Store to purchase one.