Simple Ideas to Host a Family Movie Night at Home

The award for best movie night goes to…you! These tips and tricks will help you set the scene and prepare the perfect snacks for your next home movie night. Pick your favorite movie night idea and then, kick back, relax and watch a classic with the kids!

Set the Scene

  1. Build a pillow fort.

    Send kids on a mission: gather all sheets, blankets and pillows and then get to work helping them create a movie watching fort! They’ll love to cuddle up and watch the movie from their newly constructed hideaway. Family Movie Night 1

  2. Pick a movie—wrapped!

    Make choosing a movie easy. Parents—gather your family’s favorite films, wrap them and store them in a basket. When it’s time for movie night, have someone choose which movie or animated special to unwrap and watch! Family Movie Night 2

Snack Time

  1. Create personalized snack caddies.

    Now everyone can get their favorite movie time snacks! Fill individualized bins such as snack caddies or bento boxes with enough sweet treats to last the length of the movie. Something salty, something sweet and something to wash it all down, and you’ll be set! Family Movie Night 3

  2. Set up a popcorn bar.

    Plain popcorn? Forget it! Create a popcorn bar filled with all types of toppings. Chocolate chips, marshmallows, gummy worms…the sweeter the better, according to the Scout Elves! Family Movie Night 4

Additional Fun

  1. Download a free movie watching activity sheet for kids.

    Worried about little ones’ short attention spans? Opt for a shorter film, such as Elf Pets: A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale, Elf Pets: Santa’s St. Bernards Save Christmas, An Elf’s Story, or this season’s all new animated special, Elf Pets: Santa’s Reindeer Rescue. Kids will stay entertained playing this game while they watch! Printable

    Download Printable

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