Get to Know Scout Elf Joe

“Hear ye, hear ye!” It’s time to meet Scout Elf Joe, a famed Legends and Lore Scout Elf and a star of some of your favorite animated specials. What else is there to learn about this goofy character and one of Santa’s oldest friends? Kids can get the inside scoop on the famous Elfluencer, Elf Joe!

Elf Joe Facts banner

  1. Scout Elf Joe uses special gel to curl his signature mustache every morning!
  2. In addition to his extravagant outfit and perfectly curled mustache, he is most recognized around the North Pole by his gold monacle, the singular eyeglass he wears.
  3. Second to Santa, Elf Joe knows the most North Pole history. Rumor has it he even spouts off historical North Pole facts while sleeping!
  4. One of the scrolls he carries with information for Santa is twice his size!
  5. The other Scout Elves most commonly describe Elf Joe as humorous and dramatic.

Elf Joe Job Duties banner

  1. Scout Elf Joe is the main elf who works in the North Pole’s Legends and Lore Laboratory, where classified information is kept in secrecy.
  2. Each year, he reports to Santa and all the Scout Elves at the North Pole the state of the world’s Christmas cheer. This job is reserved specifically for him.
  3. One of his least favorite job duties is to dust the books and the shelves in the Legends and Lore Lab. He claims to have a “dust allergy.”
  4. Elf Joe climbs stairs several times each day to stay in shape so he can carry important scrolls and books with top-secret information for Santa!
  5. He wears a special purple and gold uniform that is only worn by elves who work in Santa’s Legends and Lore Laboratory.

Elf Joe delivering rolled up scroll

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