See a Gallery of Fan-Favorite Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Scout Elves visit homes all around the world, creating unique and silly scenes to elicit surprise. Check out this gallery of images submitted by families just like yours. See snapshots of elves in their family’s homes, and let these fan-favorite ideas inspire your Scout Elf. Whether your elf is looking for an arrival idea, a simple idea, a comical idea or more, they’ll find the perfect inspiration from these fans’ photos!

Ornament mini baloon arch idea

Courtesy of Katelyn Wilkerson

Elf swings on Christmas lights idea

Courtesy of Benilda Devarie

Elf ball pit idea

Courtesy of The Roberts Family Elves

Elf portrait painting idea

Courtesy of Nicole Casey

Elf dog treat idea

Courtesy of Swan Brazda

Elf coffee shop idea

Courtesy of Elfie_Ben

Elf Christmas present idea

Courtesy of Maxslittlelibrary

Elf picture frame idea

Courtesy of @franscescachristinaa

Elf welcome back breakfast idea

Courtesy of Maria Collins

Elf video call idea

Courtesy of Monica Stevenson

Elf magic gummy bears idea

Courtesy of Niki Alderson

Elf sink crossing idea

Courtesy of Maria Martinez

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