Australian Sand Snowman

Sand Snowman Idea Image

Australia experiences Christmas during their summer season, but not to worry—The Elf on the Shelf still has plenty of ideas to help them have a holly jolly time. One great way for Scout Elf pals to help our Australian friends celebrate is by building a sand snowman!


  • Craft or gardening sand
  • Floral foam balls
  • Craft or gardening rocks and twigs
  • One baby carrot
  • Glue or spray adhesive
  • Mini top hat
  • Wooden skewer


  1. First, your Scout Elf will arrange three floral foam balls of graduated sizes onto a wooden skewer with the biggest at the bottom and the smallest at the top.
  2. Second, they will cover the floral foam balls with glue or spray adhesive then coat them in sand.
  3. Third, your elf will use glue to adhere rocks, one baby carrot and twigs to the floral foam balls to make up your sand-snowman's features.
  4. Finally, your Scout Elf may include a little hat to go atop the “sandman’s” head!

Safety Warnings!