English Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers Idea Image

“Pop, snap, CRACK!” Our friends in England may celebrate Christmas festivities with a “Christmas cracker.” Christmas crackers are small gifts, usually set out on the table with a place setting, that are given to guests at a holiday gathering. Inside the “crackers” are small gifts, a joke or two and sometimes…SWEETS (which elves love)!


  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape
  • Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
  • Pipe cleaners or string
  • Your favorite treat


  1. First, your Scout Elf pal will gather a few cardboard toilet paper or paper towel rolls.
  2. Second, they will find some leftover wrapping paper and wrap each piece once around the cardboard rolls with tape to hold it in place.
  3. Third, they will drop kids’ favorite sweets down inside the cardboard roll!
  4. Finally, they will tie up each end of the wrapping paper, right next to the cardboard roll, with pipe cleaners or string and wait for kids to crack open these surprise-filled treats!

Safety Warnings!