Frosted Forest


  • Pre-made cupcakes, lightly frosted with white icing
  • Sugar cones
  • Green icing (in a piping bag)
  • Brown icing
  • Chocolate cereal flakes
  • Shaved coconut (unsweetened)


  1. Cover one part of your counter in shaved coconut “snow.”
  2. Place sugar cones upside down on top of the lightly frosted cupcakes, then use a piping bag full of green icing to cover the sugar cones so they looks like petite pine trees!
  3. Place globs of brown icing (approximately 1 ½ inches tall) on top of the “snow” and stick chocolate cereal flakes into the icing to create edible “pine cones.”
  4. Sit back and soak in the sweetness!

Safety Warnings!