Funny Festive Fashions


  • Foam Core
  • Glue
  • Red, white, green, gold/yellow and purple paper
  • 3 elastic strips
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun


  1. To make you chuckle, your Scout Elf decided to dress-up in the Ha Ha Holiday Costumes, and they want you to dress up too! To create a costume that’s just like theirs, your elf will start by cutting a piece of foam core in the shape of a candy cane or a Christmas tree.
  2. For the candy cane costume, your elf will use glue to attach strips of white and red paper to the candy cane–shaped foam core.
  3. Next, your elf will cut a piece of foam core shaped like a bow and cover it in green paper. (Helpful hint: scrunching the paper in the middle makes the bow look even more realistic!)
  4. On the back of the candy cane costume, your elf will staple two elastic strips (near the wearer’s shoulders and lower back) to help you keep the costume on!
  5. For the Christmas tree costumes, your elf will use a hot glue gun to cover the tree-shaped foam core in green paper.
  6. On top of the green paper, your elf will attach gold or yellow paper to look like garland, and round pieces of red and purple paper as ornaments. Your elf will also use the gold or yellow paper as a star for the top of the tree costume.
  7. On the back of the Christmas tree costume, your elf will staple one elastic strip (near the middle of the wearer’s back) to help keep the costume on!
  8. Finally, your elf will wait for you to don their festive creation!

Safety Warnings!