Holiday Hoops


  • Color printer
  • Paper
  • Medicine Cup
  • Small orange balloon
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Hole puncher
  • Scout Elves at Play® Tools: Glacier Grips and Holiday Harness


  1. Scout Elves are natural high flyers, so it’s no wonder that dunking a basketball is a cinch! To demonstrate his or her skills on the court, your Scout Elf will print out the basketball backboard and cut it out along the solid lines.
  2. Next your Scout Elf will punch a hole in the top of the backboard in order to hang it from the Glacier Grip.
  3. Your elf will use tape to attach a medicine cup to the backboard as a hoop.
  4. To create a basketball, your elf will blow up a small orange balloon just large enough to fit into his or her hand.
  5. Finally, your elf will use the Holiday Harness and the other Glacier Grip to get in the perfect position to dunk! (Helpful hint: the Holiday Harness and Glacier Grips work best on smooth surfaces, like mirrors or tile!)

Get the Backboard Printable

Safety Warnings!