Magic Seeds of Sweetness


  • Magic seeds label printable
  • Candy-coated chocolates
  • Lollipops
  • Miniature chocolate chips
  • Cup
  • Small envelope or an empty seed bag (available at stores with gardening supplies)
  • Glue or tape


  1. When Scout Elves have a craving for sweets, they can use some of Santa’s magical candy seeds to whip up some phenomenal North Pole–worthy treats! Your elf will bring back some magical candy-coated chocolates from the North Pole in a small envelope or empty seed bag with a logo glued onto the front that says, “Magic North Pole Seeds.”
  2. Your elf will leave out a note asking your little ones to plant some of the seeds in a small planter or cup and cover the seeds with miniature chocolate chips—which look exactly like soil!
  3. Before you wake up the next morning, your elf will be sure the seeds have grown into a beautiful lollipop garden that is good enough to eat!

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