North Bowl-a-Rama



  1. Print out the “North Bowl-a-Rama” sign below and the bowling alley on the next page.
  2. Cut them out along the solid lines (including the two solid white lines on the red part of the bowling alley).
  3. Fold along each dotted line, starting with the top flap.
  4. Fold the sides of the top flap inward.
  5. Fold the sides of the front of the bowling alley inward and tape them to the top flap’s folded sides.
  6. Tape wooden craft sticks to the back of the bowling alley to help it stand up.
  7. Tape the bowling sign to the top of the red bowling alley.
  8. Set up a mini bowling set (available online or at party stores), or use peppermint sticks (broken up into inch-long segments) as pins.
  9. Keep the peppermint pins in place on a piece of card stock by using icing to help them stand in place.
  10. Grab a round peppermint candy to serve as a bowling ball!

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