Packed and Ready to Go!

All set for departure on Christmas Eve, your Scout Elf knows the ultimate luggage secret—travel light. This roller bag easily holds everything they need for a successful journey back to the North Pole.



  1. Your elf will print and cut out both printable pieces (roller bag and handle).
  2. Next, your elf will fold in all the tabs, along the dotted lines, on the front, back and sides of the roller bag.
  3. Your elf will fold side A and then will fold side B. To form the roller bag, your elf will join the sides by taping their folded top tabs together.
  4. Your elf will ensure sides A and B fit snugly by securing them to the folded tabs of the front and back sides with tape.
  5. Almost done! Your elf will form the handle of the roller bag by folding all four sides and taping the tabs to the fourth side.
  6. Your elf will tape the bottom part of the handle to the back of the roller bag, securing it with tape. The bag is ready to go back to the North Pole with your elf!
  7. Since your Scout Elf will stand still all day, they can rely on the Holiday Harness for support.

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Safety Warnings!