Postcards from Your Elf

Hola from Mexico! Kon’nichiwa from Japan! Hello from America! Your elf is an experienced world traveler, and they made a few pit stops on the way back to your house. Take a look at these free printable postcards they brought to showcase their travels!



  1. First, your elf will print and cut out the postcards from the printable.
  2. Using string and tacks, your elf will pin the postcards to a corkboard.
  3. Then, they will sit in the Peppermint Plane Ride next to the postcards displaying the countries they’ve seen. Your elf might also bring back small mementos from a few of their stops.
  4. Bonus! This elf idea could encourage your family to learn new fun facts like a food unique to a specific country or how to say, “Thank you” in different languages.

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