Strawberry Santa Hats


  • Mini brownies
  • White icing or whipped cream
  • Strawberries
  • Scout Elves at Play® tools: Peppermint Grappling Hook, Candy Cane Cable and Holiday Harness


  1. The Scout Elves are Santa’s biggest fans, and your Scout Elf has created a tasty treat to pay homage to the big man in red! After cutting off the tops of the strawberries, your Scout Elf will be ready to assemble these sweet “Santa hats.”
  2. Your Scout Elf will use icing or whipped cream to attach the strawberry to the top of a mini brownie.
  3. For a finishing touch, your Scout Elf will squeeze a dollop of icing or whipped cream to the top of the strawberry.
  4. Holding steady with the Holiday Harness, your elf will dangle the Peppermint Grappling Hook by some Candy Cane Cable to reach for this sweet treat! (Helpful hint: the Holiday Harness works best on smooth surfaces, like mirrors or tile!)

Safety Warnings!