Sweater Shenanigans


  • Short-sleeve brown shirt
  • Long-sleeve black shirt
  • Red balloon
  • White and black felt
  • 2 black dress socks (long)
  • Cardboard
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Safety pins


  1. Layer a brown short-sleeved shirt over a black long-sleeved shirt and set it aside.
  2. Use white felt to cut out two large circles that fit beside each other on the front of the brown shirt.
  3. Cut out two circles in black felt that are approximately ¼ the size of the white circles.
  4. Use fabric glue to attach the black felt to the white felt to create the reindeer’s eyes, and then glue the eyes to the upper-half of the brown shirt.
  5. Cut six slightly curved eyelashes out of black felt and glue them to the top of the reindeer’s eyes.
  6. Blow up a small red balloon to create the reindeer’s nose, and use a safety pin to attach it to the shirt, just under the eyes.
  7. Cut out of a piece of cardboard in the shape of a goal post (approximately 10 inches across with two 3-inch upright “posts”).
  8. Put the black dress socks over the cardboard, completely covering them.
  9. Fill the black socks with polyester stuffing, or another kind of fabric.
  10. Use safety pins to attach the cardboard to each forearm of the black shirt to create antlers.
  11. Lay out the new outfit for your little one to find!

Safety Warnings!