Meet the Characters
Santa Claus


About: When the clouds part over the North Pole, it’s Santa’s duty to measure the world’s Christmas cheer! After he gives the World’s Christmas Spirit Update, he works with another legend of Christmas, Barry, to make a plan to save the season!

Character Traits: Hopeful, wise, inspiring

Best Pals: Mrs. Claus, the Elf Pets, Barry, the Scout Elves

Fun Fact: Santa throws a heart charm in the air and distributes a bit of magic to each Saint Bernard puppy’s barrel to help them fulfill their Christmas duty.

Memorable Quote: “The spirit of Christmas is deep at the soul of what makes us magical at the North Pole!”

Joy Sugar Cookie

About: As the Scout Elf of Jonah and his children, Joy Sugar Cookie loves her family and brings happiness to them every Christmas season! This year, as part of a special mission from Santa, she’ll help guide her family and their new pup, Sampson, to build Christmas cheer!

Character Traits: Confident, resourceful, intelligent (she’s one smart cookie!)

Best Pals: Sampson, Jonah and his family

Fun Fact: Joy keeps a scrapbook of all of her favorite moments with her family.

Memorable Quote: “It looks like this Christmas is destined to be a magical one!”

Joy Sugar Cookie



About: Sampson is the Elf Pets puppy adopted by Jonah’s family to collect Christmas cheer in his magical barrel. Just like any puppy, Sampson is energetic, loves belly scratches and brings joy to his entire family!

Character Traits: Playful, loyal, adorable

Best Pals: Joy Sugar Cookie, Kendyl

Fun Fact: Sampson is one of thousands of Elf Pets puppies who get adopted every year!

Memorable Moment: Leading his family to find extra money for charitable causes and helping them realize all the good things they can do with it!

Jonah and his family

About: Jonah, Christa, Brandon, Murry and Kendyl run a charitable thrift store called Bob’s Helping Hands to help those less fortunate in their community of Bellville. This Christmas, they have an opportunity to make a BIG difference with the help of their trusty North Pole companions.

Character Traits: Kind, curious, helpful, compassionate

Best Pals: Sampson, Joy Sugar Cookie

Fun Fact: The first person to run the family’s thrift store was Mr. Bob, known as one of the kindest residents of Bellville!

Memorable Quote: “We promise to do good and carry out kindness to help build Christmas cheer.” – Kendyl and Murry

Jonah and his family

Elf Joe

Scout Elf Joe

About: The main Scout Elf in the Legends and Lore Laboratory, Scout Elf Joe has a wealth of knowledge about the North Pole and is known for his elaborate fashions and monocle.

Character Traits: Knowledgeable, fashionable, dramatic

Best Pals: The other Scout Elves

Fun Fact: The purple outfit Joe wears is the classic garb of all Scout Elves who work in the Legends and Lore Room at the North Pole.

Memorable Quote: “Hear ye, hear ye! It is my honor and pleasure to present to Santa Claus the annual report of the world’s Christmas cheer!”


About: This giant Saint Bernard has just the solution Santa needs to gather more Christmas cheer for the holiday season. An age-old friend of Santa, Barry delivers Saint Bernard pups to Santa to help gather cheer.

Character Traits: Wise, faithful, helpful

Best Pals: Santa, the Elf Pets Saint Bernard pups

Fun Fact: Barry is rumored to be as old as Christmas itself.

Memorable Moment: When Barry calls on his friends the Elf Pets Saint Bernards, who come running down the hill by the thousands!